Shipping Cars & Vehicles to Vanuatu

A21 Logistics can ship Cars and other Vehicles to Vanuatu, as needs may arise, to & from most major Ports.

Vanuatu drives on the right side of the road so all cars are required to be left hand drive.

Exceptions can be made however there must be supporting reasons for such as hospital needs, medical purposes, fire brigades, military, etc.

Vehicle shipping to Vanuatu may require specialized services such as lashing & strapping and marine surveying

We can outsource all services that are required.

Depending on the dimensions / weight, they can be containerized either in standard containers or on a Flat Rack.  They can also be shipped as Break Bulk.

Pros for shipping Cars and vehicles in Containers / Flat racks

There are many more options for shipping lines, with both direct and transshipment ports allowing faster transit time

Being containerized the goods are not exposed to the elements or in the event other Break Bulk cargo or otherwise becomes loose and damages your vehicles and goods

Flat Racks give the option for easy transfer onto Side-Loader / Crane Truck  transport at destination.

Consolidating cars, goods and vehicles in containers can save you money on international shipping.

Pros for Shipping Cars and vehicles as Roll on Roll off

  • Shipping as Ro/Ro a.ka. Roll on Roll off can be considered a safer method for shipping Cars and vehicles as they can be shipped below deck.

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