Vanuatu Customs and Inland Revenue


General Inquiries

Phone: (+678) 33010
Fax: (+678) 22597

For your information, the Vanuatu customs tariff sheet is available below


Documents commonly required by customs for clearance of your goods are;

  • Bill of Lading
  • Airway Bill
  • Freight invoice
  • Commercial invoice of the goods
  • Value declaration if personal effects or goods are without an available invoice
  • Exemption letter if one is seeking duty / VAT exemption                                                          (Letterhead stating nature of the shipment ) for example donated goods etc
  • Inventory list / Packing List
  • Personal effects – passport and residency

Duties And Taxes Calculation;

The Vanuatu Customs tax base is CIF ( Cost, Insurance and Freight )

The total CIF value in foreign currency is converted into the Vanuatu Vatu, VUV. It is then multiplied by the duty rate applicable for the goods to get the total amount of duty payable.

The total duty amount is then added to the value of goods in Vatu to get the VAT tax base. The total amount of the duty and value of the goods is then multiplied by 15% to get the amount of VAT payable.

The duty and VAT amounts are added together to determine the total payable taxes on the goods.