Seasonal Workers – Australia & New Zealand

Guiding freight operations from Australia & New Zealand back home to Vanuatu

A21 Logistics is specialized with container imports back home to Vanuatu for the Seasonal Workers Program in Australia and the Regional Seasonal Employment Program in New Zealand.

Often, companies who employ Ni-Vanuatu are not aware that there is Vanuatu freight-forwarding service that provides for the workers to join together and consolidate a container of goods and personal effects that they wish to bring back to Vanuatu.

On that same note, often the workers themselves are not aware.

We seek to raise awareness of this service as it is of great assistance to their families.

Given the broader range of products and goods available in Australia and New Zealand it is of great value to the people to bring home much needed quality items.

These may include clothing, audio equipment, sports equipment, furniture and mattresses. Bicycles, outboard engines and fishing equipment are some of the common items that people seek to bring back home.

For customs declarations the principal customs broker will require a full inventory list with the names of the workers, a copy of their passport(s) and contact details.

This is imperative!

Many seem to think they pack load and collect…

There are always cyclical delays, and many arrive back home, forget again, and go far away, so it is best to get friend, tawi, mama, abu, whoever to know they have goods in Port Vila. So can carry on to our beautiful islands and live life.

Please get in touch to discuss further and have a quote tailored to your needs.

A21 Logistics