Shipping Boats to Vanuatu

Shipping boats require specialized services such as lashing & strapping and marine surveying.

A21 Logistics can outsource all services that are required

Depending on the dimensions / weight, they can be containerized either in standard containers or on a Flat Rack. They can also be shipped as Break Bulk.

Pros for shipping boats in containers / Flat racks

  • There are many more options for shipping lines both direct and transship ports allowing faster transit time
  • Being containerized the goods are not exposed to the elements or in the event other Break Bulk cargo or otherwise becomes loose and damages your goods
  • Flat Racks give the option for easy transfer onto Side-Loader / Crane Truck  transport at destination.
  • Consolidating boats and cars in containers can save you money on international shipping

Pros for shipping boats and vehicles as Roll on Roll off / Break Bulk

  • Shipping on Roll on Roll off / Break Bulk can be considered a safer method of boats and vehicles international transport when shipped below deck.
  • Boat and yacht trailer axles are often removed to fit inside a container and need to reattached upon on arrival
  • Larger boats and vehicles do not fit in containers

Boats  which cannot fit into a container for shipping must be shipped as a Boat on trailer (ro/ro) or Boat on cradle (break-bulk) Service.

This service is charged per cubic metre, so reducing the overall dimensions can save you shipping costs by removing windscreens, masts, keels, t-tops, radars etc.

We recommend that 2nd hand boats & yachts are steam/pressure cleaned and are freshly anti-fouled prior to shipping to help avoid additional quarantine washing and fumigation charges.

A21 Logistics